Running the generator

The generator converts the meta-templates into mustache templates for all the sites you have declared, allowing you to maintain a single code base for all your sites..

To use the generator, the first thing you need to have is the folder structure expected by the generator.

You can see the usage of the command passing the help flag:

$ api2html generate -h
Generate the final api2html templates.

  api2html generate [flags]

  generate, create, new

api2html generate -i en_US -r partial

  -h, --help          help for generate
  -i, --iso string    (comma-separated) iso code of the site to create (default "*")
  -p, --path string   Base path for the generation (default "/Users/artomb/git/go/src/")
  -r, --reg string    regex filtering the sources to move to the output folder (default "ignore")

To generate the output directory with all the generated templates, you need to pass the ISO code of the site you want to create. If you want to generate them all at once, use the wildcard *-

api2html generate --iso *

Now check the output folder.

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